How can you have love and refuse to get hurt? Don't forget, Cupid shot the arrow, and not the rose.



  Love is a process, not a result. Life is also so, grasp the present is more meaningful than waiting for tomorrow.



  Love and not love, in fact, there is no reason, love once attached too many reasons, it will become a burden, a kind of pain.



  Time can understand love, can prove love, but also can overthrow the love.



  Don't give up a love because of a little flaw, after all, in love, need is the truth, not perfect.



  The most beautiful love story is, in the most unexpected time to fall in love with one of the most unexpected people, the harvest of one of the most unexpected love.



  Love is in fact a habit, you used to live with her, she used to have you in life. Have the time do not feel anything, once lost, but it seems to have lost all.



  In love, there are too many reality makes us fell dejected, there are too many words to make us cry secretly.



  For love, love at first sight for consensual marriage is the most romantic, the most touching love, never abandon.



  All right is mutual accommodation and change two people, two people are not suitable. Two people in the same direction, is the best love.



  Love and marriage is like a shell, do not pick the biggest, most beautiful, to pick up their favorite, the most suitable.



  Love, this is something Ningquewulan, not urgent. Have love, then treat with all heart, no love, also a person comfortable.



  Give people a little time to understand you, but also to give yourself a little time to know others, love is not too hasty.



  Whether you still believe in love, but believe that love and being loved are happy.



  I understand that the feeling of love will fade, as the old photos, but you will stay my heart, forever beautiful, until the last moment of my life.



  I hope you will get married in the future because of love, not because of the right. May there be time to look back, and affectionate bald.



  True love is not a moment of goodwill, but clearly know no results, but also want to stick to the impulse. I know it is not easy to meet you, it will be a pity to miss.



  Love is only willing to be a fool, there is no real fool.



  Love you, so just jealous. If there is no love, then no matter what you do, I do not care.



  Love is not the first sweet, but still never abandon downtown retreat.



  For love, I only believe a word. Time reveals a man's heart., until the last one is good.



  To accompany and understand, more important than love.



  Love the world is very big, big enough to hold one hundred kinds of grievances; love the world is very small, small to three people crowded into the suffocation.



  If the lonely people are willing to go back, anxious people willing to wait, introverted people are willing to speak, perhaps this is love really like.



  Love is the life of each other.



  Fleeting, not only love, brave, to fight for what they want, do not let tomorrow's own regret.



  How much love, lost time. How many memories, buried in the bottom of my heart.



  Suddenly I will doubt, too persistent love you, is from the love or because not willing to.



  A love, two people grow up. Whether can you die, then put love each other, through so many tears, we have grown up.



  Good love, war victory time, to withstand time, will stand up to leave, to endure miss.



  Don't say what scumbag loved one or two do not believe in love. The road is still long, there will always be a person, give you a place to live.